I’m number one?

So, we went to see my “regular” doctor today to follow up on the shingles. (I did routine follow-ups with my surgeon and oncologist yesterday and chatted with the radiologist Wednesday…nothing noteworthy so far.)

He reviewed the notes of his colleague who had first seen me and said “Well, you had the worst shingles rash he’s ever seen.”

Oh boy, that’s a distinction I want.

But I was a little concerned. I mean, everyone’s had shingles, it seems. But I’ve been a real wuss about this compared to them. But maybe it was a little worse than usual. As my doctor looked at it, he, a professor of medicine at Mercer, said “Wow, is that all from one nerve group? I’ll have to look at an anatomy book.”

It looks like the daily screaming pain attacks are part of the post shingles pain. Even worse, it may go on forever. Fortunately, I can stay on Neurontin as long as it helps and there’s another possbile drug out there if it doesn’t. We even increased my Neurotin dosage to try and get the pain under control.

And I am lucky to have such short term pain. Within 5 minutes of my latest attack (at 5 tonight), I was out walking the dog.

Oh, and the radiation I was so afraid of? It’s still going on. I’m even more than halfway through. On my 15th day of treatment (of 30), I asked Charlie what he was going to do to celebrate me being halfway done–special dinner? cake? Well, I got a strange look if nothing else.


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