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What a difference a year makes

So, a year ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Yesterday I saw my surgical oncologist after my first post-treatment mammogram and it was a dull, routine meeting. Nothing at all to report, the mammogram (which took twice as long as they used to pre-cancer, but I’m not complaining) showed nothing.

Sometimes dull is very, very good.

And Charlie and I are back to our routines, such as they are. I’m in Princeton at an AP Meeting, he’s in Maine at the TUG, Last year at this time (or soon thereafter) we were doing much gnashing of teeth about whether or not we could attend these meetings. He ended up attending a few days of his (worrying the whole time that he should be home, I think) and I called in to mine.

Sometimes routine is very, very good.

Of course, it doesn’t leave much to blog about, but…


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