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Alleluia! Amen.


So, cancer treatment can seem like a never-ending process. But, if this treatment is to ever end, today marks its ending. I had my final radiation treatment today. That’s the end of the planned treatment for my cancer.

Yeah, okay, so I need to do all sorts of monitoring (every 3 months is the current plan). I need to have my ovaries removed (August 8). But that’s all to prevent/detect the next cancer. This last one, well, it’s over and done with.

I don’t even have a doctor’s appointment for over a month. Sure, last summer, that would have been no big deal, but there have been weeks where I’ve spent more time in doctors offices than in mine. I’ve had weeks with 10 different appointments. To go for over a month. Simply amazing.

And very, very welcome.

Charlie and I went out to celebrate this evening. It was good to have him here for this…after all, he’s been here through all the treatments (and didn’t get the good drugs afterwards like I did). We went to our current favorite local restaurant, the Grits Cafe. (And, for my friends up north, yes, they do do grits a dozen wonderful ways. The Grits Cocktail is especially nice.) We had a wonderful bottle of wine and great food.

It’s very good to have this phase done.



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