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Shaken to the Core

So, there are some things that we just know to be true.  One of my favorite things to run across on radio is rebroadcasts and new broadcasts of the show This I Believe.  And it’s just heartbreaking when you learn that one of those things just isn’t so any more.

I had that happen last week.  My shoe size is 8 1/2 W.  Always has been.  It’s gotten so when I need new shoes, I just stop at the SAS store on the way to or from Atlanta, go in, take a box of 8 1/2W off the shelf, and buy them.  The clerk always makes sure the shoes inside match the size on the box, so I don’t even have to do that.

Well, I needed new shoes.  My first great disappointment is the SAS store between my home and Atlanta is closed.  So I had to wait until a longer trip to go to one north of Atlanta.  (You didn’t really expect me to change brands now, did you?)  The clerk was quite outgoing and wanted to be helpful and my current shoes felt really big (but hey, they were old), so I let her measure me.

And I’m not an 8 1/2W any more.  In fact, I even bought a pair of 8 regular.  (Seems when you lose over 100 pounds, some of it comes off your feet.)  Things have felt a little off kilter ever since.

Now, I’m almost happy to say that the new shoes are a bit too tight and need to be broken in.  So I could probably still get buy with buying 8 1/2 Ws.  But where’s the growth in that?


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