Some lighter stuff

You know, it’s not all bad news. You have to be able to laugh or you’ll just cry all the time!

Anyway, some of the lighter stuff.

You’ve probably seen those ads for femine products where they pour blue liquid in to show the absorbancy? Well, if you’re like me, you probably figured blue liquid because yellow or red liquid look too much like real stuff.

Not so!

Seems the Depends people are actually being very sensitive to cancer patients. I had dye inserted yesterday to trace the cancer through my lymph system and it’s coming out as blue as can be! It’s quite amusing!

And it’s also a great start on a Halloween costume, since it’s also coming out of my skin and one breast is bright blue.

Of course, the catheter insertion spot is covered with a clear plastic coating (so I can shower) and the blood pooled up there (right above my right clavical) makes me look like a vampire victim, if I need another costume idea.

My brother’s favorite line is that this really won’t change how people see me because if you asked everyone who knew me what they liked about me, no one (except maybe Charlie) would mention my breasts. (I hope!)

And, on a completely unrelated note, you know how some pets can reveal their true names to you in time? That’s happened with our new kitten. We thought his name was Ike, but it’s really IkeGetDownFromThere. We tried to put flowers on the fireplace mantle, a good 5 feet high and only 6 inches deep and dear IkeGetDownFromThere had no trouble getting up there!

They’re now 10 feet high and IkeGetDownFromThere spends lots of time looking and thinking.

All those medical professional who warned me “There’s going to be a little stick” and were surprised when I didn’t flinch must never have had a kitten…IkeGetDownFromThere has punctured me more as I’ve been writing this than they have since this all started.

IkeGetDownFromThere gets neutered Thursday…not a day too soon!

More lighter stuff later. My four hours are up, I can have another pain pill! I just feel like someone’s knocked me out and cut me up, which shouldn’t be surprising since someone knocked me out and cut me up. I realized that my nagging headache wasn’t due to anything that happened surgically, but instead, due to fact I haven’t had caffeine in 30+ hours, so I just fixed that problem as well.


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