Rich, Ed, Dale, Becky, and Renee?

I got flowers from Rich, Ed, Dale, Becky, and Renee. Now, don’t get me wrong, flowers are really nice and usually make me cry and not just because I can’t find a place to put them where IkeGetDownFromThere can’t reach them. It’s just amazing that someone would think of me. And that I’m really sick enough to “merit” flowers.

But Rich, Ed, Dale, Becky, and Renee? Hmmm, not relatives. Not members of the church. To let y’all know how my mind is going already, it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out that meant Dean Fallis, Dean Weintraut, Dean Moore and staff. Wow. Even the deans are concerned. Which is good, ’cause this thing is just starting and it’s going to get much worse I’m afraid.


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  1. David Cozart said


    I just wanted to let you know that we put you on our Sunday School Prayer List. we are praying for you.

    Not much going on around the Department. I am working on the class schedule for next year. I will hopefully send out a preliminary version for everyone to review sometime today.

    On a personal note, I am participating in the Steven Ministries program where I learn to become a care giver. This should prove to be interesting as men tend to have a hard time expressing their feelings (I am told this!).

    David Cozart

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