The Animals Have a Hard Day

So, today Linus the dog and Ike the cat go to the vet, both to be clipped. Linus goes to the groomer and Ike to the surgeon for neutering. We pick them up and they give us these sad looks. “You don’t know what happened to us! I lost most of my hair.” “They cut me up.”

Sorry beasties, I got you beat. I’m going to lose all my hair and I already have more incisions than Ike.

Of course, Ike’s been up on the mantle and he’s climbing bookcases now. It’s a good thing I trust the vets because there’s no way you can tell this kitten has had anything done to him. So much for it calming him down.


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  1. Charlie said

    Ike has started looking wistfully at the flowers that are about 10 feet up. I’m afraid he’s going to figure out how to reach them.

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