Yeah, so what else is new?

You know,

It’s amazing what people can get used to. If a month ago someone had told me I had cancer that had metastasized, I’d have been hysterical.

But I went to the surgeon today for him to remove my dressings and along with telling me I’m healing well, he gave us a copy of the latest pathology report. Yeah, cancer. Yeah, metastasized.

Yeah, so what else is new?

No more doctors this week. Of course, it is Thursday.

Monday I get the “Hope springs eternal” device. “You know, sometimes the chemotherapy works so well, we can no longer find the tumor. We’re doing this surgery so we can find the tumor when it’s time to remove it.”

Right. Losing the tumor. What a nice problem to have. Of all the problems I’m expecting, I don’t expect that one.


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