I have a procedure, or so they say

Okay, so I went into The Breast Center for a procedure this morning. All in all, it went well. We were in and out in an hour.

If it took at all. The radiologist was inserting a gel marker. When the chemotherapy shrinks the tumor away to nothing (yeah, right), they want to be able to find the site for the lumpectomy. But he did two insertions (no big deal really–he’d inserted a needle and went in through the same hole for both, guided by ultrasound) and by the time I got home, there was a message to come back for another mammogram to see if the marker was visible.

But things that looked like big deals two months ago, like mammograms, are just something to do on the way to lunch after the oncologist tomorrow.

Now, the oncologist tomorrow is a big deal. We should have an idea of a treatment plan there. And for as daunting as that sounds, finding a routine seems better.


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