More cat stuff

Well, Charlie says it’s wrong to use “Ike” and “learn” in the same sentence. I think he’s right.

Ike went to the pet blessing at St. Francis the first Sunday in October. He took being blessed too seriously I think and when I drew a bath the next day, he was sure he could walk on water. He stepped onto the surface of the water, pretty as you please, as was a bit shocked it didn’t hold his weight.

Well, Charlie drew a bath today (it’s been a week since surgery–I can have a bath!) and, you guessed it, Ike tried again to walk across the tub.

He’s not at all unnerved by being wet (which makes using a SuperSoaker as a cat training device useless) and spent the next hour drying off in the middle of the bathroom.



  1. John Mark said

    Just typing a hug your way… eager to hear about the latest oncologist visit. By the way, how did IkeGetDownFromThere come into your life? Did you seek him out? Did he find you? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Laurie said

    Ike is a St. Francis Yahoo Group cat!

    We’d lost 3 cats in 10 months before Ike came into our lives. Tina and Cokie (who we got from the middle of US 17 and the Humane Society, respectively) were about 12 years old and died of separate medical problems. Our first replacement for them, Qwerty, was spayed at 9 weeks (a requirement of the animal shelter in Macon) and ultimately died of complications from that.

    People with kittens would talk about how cute they were, but I wanted a fearless cat, since we have a very active, albeit 10 pound, dog, Linus. Gladys Malone advertised she’d had 3 kittens left on her front porch on the Yahoo group. We went over, met them, and Ike joined our family. (He got to visit with his siblings at the pet blessing.)

    And he is a fearless one, so be careful what you ask for!

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