A good week to have over

Six days! I’m not scheduled to see another doctor or specialist or medical professional of any type for 6 days!

And today, with just two appointments wasn’t all that bad.

So, my big fears about the PET scan (other than the results, which we’ll get Monday) were for naught.

They started by giving me a slightly nasty liquid to drink. They then inserted the nuclear drug (very cool…they brought it in in a lead box about the size of a tackle box–the syringe was also encased in lead, about 3 inches in diameter). They told me not to move for hour and a half (but they said it was okay to go to the bathroom if I had to).

I thought the time would take forever, but there are advantages to not sleeping a long time at night…I was out quickly (but didn’t move!).

The tube for the procedure was a bit close, but without glasses and still groggy from the nap, it didn’t bother me much. They did plan it fairly well and for most of the scan I could see out of the tube.

I got a flu shot after that. It was just a small needle that wasn’t left in for three hours. No problem at all.

So, I get a few days of normalcy (to try to catch up on grading?). But I’d still prefer be in Princeton.

(Sorry this took so long to post…I had it mostly entered, but took Linus for a walk. Ike decided he didn’t like the first draft and erased it. Everybody’s a critic.)


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  1. Ann Shen said

    Personally, I’d be a bit afraid of something that they have to bring in a lead box that is going to be injected…but, hey, it depends on your perspective. I’m glad that you are having a “pretty good” day. 🙂

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