And so we start


we leave for the first chemotherapy appointment in 10 minutes. I wish I could have updated this log before now, but I have no idea what I’m feeling…I’m nervous and scared but just want to get this over and see what it’s all about. Maybe I have nothing to worry about? Maybe it’ll devastate me?

I’ll know soon.

No word on the PET scan. I played phone tag with Sharon from the doctor’s office for 3 hours yesterday, figuring she was going to say something about it. No, turns out she wanted to remind me of today’s appointment. Like I could forget. Of course, last week, they just left that message on the answering machine, so I expected something more serious.

Glad it wasn’t.



  1. You’ll be reading this when you get home. If you aren’t totally nauseated, I recommend eating now. If your oncologist didn’t give you nausea meds, call and ask for a prescription. You may not need them, but it’s best to be prepared. My oncologist told me to take one the instant I felt even slightly queasy, because if you’re puking, it’s too late.

    Call your doctor about ANYTHING not-normal. I suffered through some things because I didn’t want to appear wimpy. These folks have seen all the various side-effects and know how to help you. Don’t try to tough anything out, even if you think it’s minor.

    And call or email me too. 🙂 I know what worked (Dr. Pepper) and what didn’t work for me, so I may have some suggestions.

  2. esmail said

    hope it goes well …

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