Miraculous Mercer Health Systems

Okay, my primary care physician is at Mercer Health Systems. And usually they’re wonderful, but they’ve fallen behind since I’ve been to see all these specialists. F’rexample, three days after my surgical biopsy, they called to give me the results of the needle biopsy, more than a week earlier.

But they’re trying to keep me informed.

Still, the letter I got yesterday had me confused. It states:

The results of your lab tests in our office on 10/31/06 have returned. Biopsy procedure was successful.

I wasn’t in their office on 10/31. I’ve never had a biopsy in their office. I did have a procedure elsewhere that day, but not a biopsy. I wouldn’t really call any of my biopsies successful (okay, to software engineers, a successful test is one that exposes a fault, so maybe they are successful since they’re finding cancer, but this wasn’t written by a software engineer).

But I looked more carefully at the form. The procedure was done on 10/31/06–next year. I am hopeful, but it’s nice to know my biopsy in a year will be clean!


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  1. Nathan Moore said

    Probably just some disgruntled student hacked your medical records.
    Nothing to worry about.

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