24 hours after treatment and all is still going well. I had butterflies in my stomach last night, but don’t know if that was from nerves, too much hard candy to keep my mouth moist, or not understanding that whole grain cereal is not really in the “easy to digest” category. Or it might be because I had chemo yesterday. But laying down and talking to Charlie last night got my mind off of it,

The butterflies are back today (even after the nausea regiment), so I’m avoiding big meals until after I get Neulasta (to build up white cells) at 3. Even then, I think I’ll forgo Spicy Italian subs.

But, so far, so good.


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  1. susie vanderGlas said

    Well I had butterflies also 3 days after my first treatment it was like a out of body thing… I think it was the decadron that you get before the treatment …. Strange feeling … Stick to small meals lots of water wash fruits good as well as your vegs…. Due to low white cells… Nice to know your doing well and you will continue to …..
    As always your sister in the journey
    Susie v

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