I can lecture 40 minutes, but…


I learned the hard way that I can lecture in my usual style for 40 minutes, but not quite for 50. Actually, I learned around 46 minutes that I get all lightheaded and clammy and confused (but com’on–type casting in C# can confuse the best of us). But at least I didn’t throw up on anyone. And my temperature is still normal.

Let’s see how the Cancer Wellfit program can improve that tonight.



  1. Nathan Moore said

    That’s still about 20 minutes longer than most students’ attention span.

  2. esmail said

    ha ha .. Nathan’s right on the money. Python rules … 🙂

    on different topic, i am glad to read that the health care professionals
    you are dealing with are a good and caring bunch, that would make a big
    difference, regardless of levels of expertise.

  3. john mark said

    Yea… I was thinking 46 minutes is a good long time. And… if you do happen to faint and/or throw up in class, you’ll pretty much be guaranteed a spot in the most memorable class moments of 2005. I bet they’d definitely remember the lecture!

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