Things are good

Well, things are mostly good.

This is what the house looked like when I came home.


All that stuff on the floor used to be on top of the refrigerator. The top of the refrigerator is taller than I am, but it’s not taller than Ike can reach. I didn’t feed Ike this morning since he had so much food left over from last night. I figured it would be enough. I was wrong.

Yesterday was an ordeal. It looks like a lot of the little things are going to become ordeals. I had an appointment for a routine dental cleaning and check-up. But because I’m on chemo, I needed blood work first. Because of silly mistakes, a 15 minute appointment took an hour and a half. And my port didn’t work, so they ended up trying to flush it 4 times, leaving a sick taste in my mouth all day. (Of course, I had no idea why I had such a crappy taste ’til the evening. Knowing sure made it better.)

But Terri at the dentist’s office was an angel. She had all sorts of advice about how to deal with potential mouth problems. I haven’t had them yet, but they don’t scare me near as much any more. (And, if any of you have the flu this winter, she swears by rinsing your mouth with mint Mylanta after getting sick…it neutralizes the acid better than brushing your teeth and leaves a clean taste.)

I joined the Cancer Wellfit program at the Wellness Center this week. We spend an hour exercising, then an hour in educational/support programs. If nothing else, it gets me out of the house and stops me from feeling sorry about myself for a while. But I was surprised today to find that my appetite is much better and I made it through the day without a nap. Of course, this just may be natural progression and healing, but I’ll stay with the program.

I don’t know why things are still going so well for me, but they are and I’ll enjoy it while I can. I follow-up with the oncologist tomorrow to ensure I’m still doing well, but don’t expect any surprises.

Things are good.


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  1. Nathan Moore said

    He looks so proud of his accomplishment.

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