Two weeks!

I went in for what turned out to be a non-appointment today (since I had bloodwork that was good Tuesday, I didn’t need it today).

I did get good news. My PA says that how you react to your first chemo is a good indicator of how you’ll react to subsequent chemos.

And I don’t have another appointment with the medical community for two weeks!

So now I really have no excuse not to grade.



  1. Nathan Moore said

    Glad to hear that things aren’t totally awful!
    (it’s cancer, so I can’t say things are good)

    Do lunch or something with me, and that should keep you from grading for at least an hour or so.


  2. esmail said

    nice to start out the day with such a positive note. (sorry about the grading though 🙂

  3. Ann Shen said

    I wish that I could come and have lunch with you and we could both put aside the grading for a while. ;P

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