Well, I think it’s cute

Normally I start brushing my hair by just running my fingers through my hair to get rid of tangles. I did that this morning. The tangles came out, but so did lots of the hair.

For the rest of the morning, I took perverse pleasure in running my fingers through my hair, even with my normal hairclip in place, and pulling out strands. So, to keep from having to call a plumber the next time I shampoo my hair, Charlie and I went to the new Great Clips just down the street from us this afternoon. I was able to donate most of it to Locks of Love. I was surprised how long it took Annika to cut through the ponytail. Seems even with pulling out hair all morning it was still fairly thick.


I told Annika that I’d only have the remaining hair for a week or so and not to worry too much about the cut. But she was just wonderful and took the time to give me a great cut. I even think it’s kinda cute. Now I’m really going to be sorry to lose the rest of the hair. But I’ve got a picture for when it grows out again.




  1. Fran Hunt said

    Wow, I think it looks great! Something to look forward to when it comes back.
    Good luck and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Ann Shen said

    It sure is different…but definitely still you! Looking good! ;P

  3. Nathan Moore said

    Die it pink!

  4. esmail said

    good to see you Laurie, haven’t changed from when I saw you last (well, you are sporting
    a more aero-dynamic look, though not quite lean as my own 🙂

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