White food

I finally got to eat food that wasn’t white!

Now, of all the things that could go wrong, I feel silly complaining about the color of the food I’m eating, but it’s amazing how a small change can change my attitude.

Now, white food is very good for me and I’ve lived off it for the week since chemo: turkey sandwiches, yoghurt, chicken breasts, rice, etc. I went out to eat twice last Thursday. With the ladies of the church at breakfast, I had biscuit and gravy. With the department at lunch, I had a plain grilled chicken sandwich with a baked potato. Little victories–I got to go out! But very white food.

But last night we ordered pizza. And we didn’t “play it safe”–instead we got pepperoni and Italian sausage. It wasn’t white, it was good, and I had no problems through the night.

Ya gotta celebrate the little things!


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