Holiday Cooking Tips

So, if you don ‘t want to help with the cooking over Thanksgiving, I’ve found the trick is to go into the kitchen, shake your head, and have 50 or so hairs fall out. Charlie had planned on doing most of the cooking, but ran me out of the kitchen when that happened!

I spent most of the weekend literally pulling hands full of hair out. It’s amazing how many handsful of hair I had and how much hair there is everywhere (and this time it’s not Ike’s fault). I shampooed most of it out last night and have just enough hair to be thin and straggly–maybe what it’ll look like if I make it to 90. I can’t finish the cap I’m crocheting (Ike has decide chenille yarn is the most delicious thing in the world) but do have a bunch of turbans, a dozen scarves, and at least 8 hats (CancerWellfit and the oncologist gave me a couple and Steinmart is on the way home from church and they had lots of cute hats).

So even though not all the grading is done, I should be ready to face the world tomorrow!


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