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An old saw

Okay, so it was a rough morning. But Charlie took me out for lunch (to Logan’s, since they have good salads and I’ll be off salads real soon). He asked if I was bringing IkeGetDownFromThere or Linus to my PET scan. I was so stressed, it took me a minute to figure out what he meant.

And Charlie doesn’t like puns, so I didn’t expect it from him. So, I had to share with him an old story. He didn’t appreciate it, but if you like (accept? groan at?) puns, read on!

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That ratchetting sound

You know, I never really liked roller coasters.

And I really hated that ratchetting up to the top of the first hill. Once I get to the top and see what lies ahead though, it’s usually not that bad (well, I do need a first scream).

I think we finally reached the top of that first hill and can see what lies ahead. Not ready to scream yet, but soon.

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