Pictures from a hairier time

So, I’ve finally gotten around to downloading some of the more recent pictures from my camera. It struck me that some of you may never have seen what I look like and might be curious and others haven’t seen me lately. Here’s what the haircut looks like dry (not that it looks that way any more, but right now my balding head scares small children).


And here’s a shot from the chemotherapy treatment room (first treatment, so no hat!). There’s plenty of room for my crocheting and Charlie and his computer (and even an open WAP, so he doesn’t have to phone into the Internet). The nurses are amazing and don’t complain, no matter how much we spread out.


So far, I’m recovering incredibly well from the second chemo session. Of course, I just realized finals start this week, so there’s lots I really have to get done and very little energy to do it, but “All will be well.”


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  1. esmail said

    hey, the pics are great, you guys look good 🙂
    good luck with finals ..i’ve got two more weeks of classes.

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