No news is good news

Sorry folks.

Last chemo cycle went real well. So well that I haven’t really worried about that.

I should be worrying about finals and grading. I still have a final to finish for the morning.

But things went a little too well with the health psychiatrist at a routine meeting last Thursday morning, a meeting with a life coach during Cancer Wellfit last Thursday night, and a psychotherapist during Wellfit last night. I just can’t get stressed about grading. I’m finally able to do some. It’s coming along. I should be able to finish it Thursday. I sure hope so. But the normal hysteria, well…I have other things to be hysterical about.

I’m putting a lot of faith in Thursday. After my final Wednesday morning, I’ll be driven down to Gainesville. (Charlie didn’t want me to have to worry about the drive, so he’s hired a driver for me…all together now: “Ahhhhhh.” Yeah, it is sweet.) I’ll be corporate wife and attend a couple of InfoTech Christmas parties. I know lots of people there so it should be fun. (Of course, hiding the Santa hat from Charlie will be a challenge, but I think I can sneak it into the big party Friday.)

But I’ll be in a hotel room all day Thursday while Charlie’s at work, so plan to finish grading then. I hope to get all my finals graded on the ride down.

But to do that, I guess I need to finish writing them.

(No, nothing about Ike and the Christmas tree because I’m afraid to put up the tree. A friend’s cat broke a leg in a battle with a tree. But I anticipate I’ll run out of common sense this weekend!)


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  1. Evelyn said

    Hi Laurie- I hope you have fun in Gainesville. And, you wouldn’t want to deprive GetdownfromthereIke of the joy of frolicking in the Christmas tree, would you? Evelyn

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