Okay. I’m finally getting some of the good side effects of chemotherapy.

I went to shave this morning, for the first time in, oh, way too long. You know, corporate wife, Christmas party, all that. I haven’t really felt the need to shave much in the last few weeks. But this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the reason that I haven’t felt the need is not so much laziness as it is the fact that I’ve lost all the hair on my legs.

After putting up with the negative side effects of chemotherapy for so long, it’s about time I have one of the positive side effects.

Now, the truly reasonable might want to remind me that the tumor has shrunk considerably since I started chemo, but that’s the intended effect, not a side effect. And I should be happy about that.

And I really am quite ecstatic about the shrunk tumor. But not having to shave is nice too!


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