Done Grading


All my grades are turned in. Not even 3 hours late (thanks deans for being patient!).

And, for the first time since finding the lump, I have no pressing work to keep me going. I mean, it was “find the lump, work on the promotion packet, have a biopsy, go to the programming contest, have chemo, write a test.” I was really worried that I was postponing being hysterical until I got my grades in. I was afraid the crying jag that I’d being putting off would hit me hard as soon as the pressures from school were gone.

But Charlie thoughtfully pointed out that it’d already hit me (over yarn no less). So maybe it won’t hit me now.

Now, I still have to do some AP stuff. And there’s some crocheting I want to finish (being in a hotel room means I can leave yarn out without worrying about pulling yards of it out of a cat!).

And rumor has it Christmas is coming so I should do something about that.

But right now, a good long nap sounds like the best idea.


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