Halfway done

Despite having time to think about it, my third (of six) chemotherapy session went just fine. My primary nurse was Debra again and she’s charming and has an amazing way with the Adriamycin. Adria (as it’s “affectionately” known, although some call it The Red Devil) is given in two very large syringes. The nurse sits beside you and pushes it in. It can be done in a couple of minutes, but Debra thinks that’s too fast and might make you sick, so she must have spent 20 minutes or more pushing it slowly in.

It took 5 hours again, but that’s the only bad part. I have an appointment for genetic counseling and a mammogram to see if I’m really ready for surgery scheduled for January 6. My oncologist still couldn’t find the tumor and that is the important part of this all.

Of course, I’ve already had one nap this afternoon and am ready for another. But that’s probably more due to relieved stress than the treatment. Ike and Linus think napping is a fine way to spend the afternoon and have joined me.

But we’ll be at Cancer Wellfit in the morning, so I won’t get to laze about too long.


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