Oh! Christmas tree!

We have both a Christmas tree and a kitten, so far.

It’s a sad Christmas tree. Now, the tree itself is lovely if you don’t object to artificial trees. It’s 6 1/2 feet and prelit. We set it up Wednesday, but didn’t decorate it because IkeGetDownFromThere was having too much fun climbing the tree.

And we can only use the lights when we’re there to keep Ike from eating them. He’s just fascinated by them. I think he’s trying to eat the light so he himself can glow. Charlie thinks he’s reminded of fireflies. Charlie’s probably right about this one.

I put a few hardy ornaments (ribbons tied to the tree with twist ties and two plastic ornaments) on the tree Wednesday night. This became a personal challenge for Ike. (Although, since he’s not a person, “personal” is probably not the correct term…”felinal” perhaps?) The ribbons came off fast, but he took over an hour batting at the balls, and left one of them.

I was dismayed to see the tree looked really shabby last night. You have to fluff out the branches and although I thought I’d done that, they all seemed pushed down. Then I realized a cat sitting in the tree can push down branches.

I added the rest of the ribbons and balls today, but the tree still looks sad. I’ll try to get some of the other indestructible ornaments on later. But we won’t need an angel…Ike took care of that.


Yeah, a 6 1/2 foot tree. But that ball just had to die.


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