Today’s Treatment

Well, if I blog about the cat the day after chemo, things must be going well.

And they really, really are.

We went to Cancer Wellfit this morning. Charlie’s big concession to my having chemo yesterday was to let me work out this morning instead of last night. (Normally I can’t join the morning group since I’m in class at that time, but that’s not a problem now.) I was already yearning for the food at the restaurants around Tom Hill Senior Drive (for you non-Maconites, it’s nothing special–gyros, pizza, Mexican, Chilis, etc.). Normally, I have no interest in food for 6 days after chemo. But I have a bit of sense, so am eating Nilla Wafers and turkey sandwiches instead of any of those things. For a few more days.

And, while I really can’t concentrate much (and do stupid things like keep putting up ornaments for the cat to knock down), I haven’t really napped today.

I went back to the oncologists for a shot of Neulasta to help my immune system. I’ve had no problems at all that I’ve noticed with a suppressed immune system, but still play it safe and avoid crowds and fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers. I figure Neulasta must be working. And it damn well should. We got the first insurance reconciliation today. The “list” price for just the drug is $5900. Just one shot! Of course, insurance got it discounted to “just” $3687.50. Now, this isn’t a complaint. I’ve reached my out-of-pocket maximum for the year, so my share is $0.00.

Still, it makes all those complaints about the high cost of health care and all the Neulasta commercials make sense. The info packet I got on Neulasta had a thermometer included. I thought it was extravagant to include a thermometer for the book, but it looks like they can afford it!


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