Living in the moment

After spending most of last week doing nothing exceptionally well (it’s amazing how easy it is to do nothing, especially between semesters), I got a bit tired of it Saturday. Charlie and I talked about driving down to Florida and visiting family, but I need to be back Friday (they only do genetic counselling once a month and Friday is that once). It’s a long drive.

So, Charlie booked tickets, so we’re off to see Dad. This really isn’t normally for us…Charlie spent all sorts of time planning next summer’s vacation and our flight itinerary is, well, interesting. But he reminded me we’re not in grad school any more and can afford to book a simple round trip flight. And we really can’t plan much for the next four or five months, so we decided to live in the moment and go!

It’ll be fun and really nice to convince Dad that I’m okay now and will be just fine in time. So, I’ve got to go finish packing, but it looks like we’ll be able to travel in just one suitcase. Simply amazing!


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  1. Nathan Moore said

    Hope you both have a wonderful time!

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