Back again

Well, we had a wonderful trip to visit my Dad. Of course, whenever Charlie and I both leave town, something goes wrong with our WWW server, so my blog went down just a few hours after we left. But nothing’s wrong with me and the cable modem should be working again. (But, if you can’t read this, drop me email and I’ll see if I can fix it.)

More on the trip later, but as the old joke goes “I’m having a blood test tomorrow and need to go study.” Yeah, after just two days with Dad, I’m doing old jokes again. Then again, he told me an old joke that I’d posted on my blog, so maybe I don’t get it all from him?

Actually the tests are another mammogram and ultrasound to see if the tumor has really shrunk as much as we think. I’m sorta looking forward to them, even if I may not get results ’til next week.


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