So, it had to happen

So, if I went to London and missed the Buckingham Palace or Riga and missed the Laima Chocolate Tower, I guess I’d feel cheated out of something. So I guess it’s fitting that I finally am getting sick from chemotherapy.

Now, it’s really not much. Up until now, the last chemotherapy session has been ridiculously easy. The only problem I had was a lot of exhaustion, but since I took Monday and Tuesday off to sleep, that wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. I felt a little uneasy after my last class, so came home early. (It’s still the Worthless Week, so that’s not so surprising.) I greeted the animals, started lunch (leftovers…a joy of the week after chemo is one regular meal can last for 3 or 4 meals), and then decided I’d feel much better if I vomited. So I did. Tweren’t much. I hadn’t eatten anything in seven hours (which may have more to do with my uneasiness than chemotherapy 6 days ago).

So, my big concern last week was how easy this all has been. Hey I don’t have that to worry about any more.

But you know, while I couldn’t miss the Laima Tower, I didn’t see Buckingham Palace in London. There are some “highlights” I wouldn’t mind missing.


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  1. Evelyn Reierson said

    Hang in there Laurie! I hope you’re feeling better by now….

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