Just one more

Okay, the good news is I have just one more chemotherapy session.

More good news is the sessions themselves seem to be affecting me less immediately after the session. Charlie and I went to Cancer Wellfit tonight and walked a mile and a third and could have done more. Usually after chemo, Charlie has to deal with lots of whining on my part to get me to go just one mile.

Of course, every silver lining has to have a cloud. I’m just not bouncing back as impressively as I did after the first couple of sessions. Damn cumulative effects. Even yesterday, almost 3 weeks after my last session, I felt the fatigue. But it won’t last for long.

Just one more chemotherapy session!



  1. esmail said

    “Just one more chemotherapy session!” — good for you, hang in there (and thanks for the update, was starting to worry, but then also remembered that school has already started for you and keeping you busy)

  2. There is definitely a cumulative effect with chemo. I sailed through pretty well until my last session. I have very vague memories of the two weeks after that. My energy level was pretty good about 3 weeks out from chemo, but then plummeted during radiation. Chemo-brain is hitting me hard, I have nasty fatigue and more nausea now than I did during chemo.

    Remember to keep up the good attitude!

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