The Red Dress Dilemma

Okay, so last Friday was National Wear Red Day, a day to wear red “to show their support for women’s heart disease awareness.” (From the Wear Red Website, of course.)

And, having a red dress that gets out rarely (it was originally a Pentecost dress, because heaven only knows Pentecost is at least as worthy as Christmas!), I wore it.

And I ended up feeling like a traitor to my disease. I mean, last Friday, I didn’t own anything pink, and after all, that’s the breast cancer color and how dare I wear something for some other disease. I should be bedecked in pink, shouldn’t I? Okay, maybe the almost bald head and carrying around a plastic bag, just in case, might be some sort of indicators that I have some involvement in breast cancer, but still…

Of course, it’s amazing how these woes get answered. The women of St. Francis presented me with a prayer shawl Sunday. It’s the first they knit as a group and every time I pull it around me, I feel the love and prayers. And it’s pink and it’s perfect. And it seems to go with everything. At least, when I really need it, I don’t care about how it goes with my outfit…I’m sure it goes perfectly.

And since chemo has gone differently this time, I do need it. I hardly felt the effects of treatment for the first 4 days, but on the 5th day, I crashed, hard. I couldn’t make it through church and was in bed before Charlie even knew I was home. Day 6 is usually stronger, but was rough. Today is day 7 and I woke up feeling better, but it didn’t last. Okay, so I expected to be 100%. I’m never 100% any more and should be thrilled that I really do feel better, but again, that would involve a reasonable person.

And really, is someone who sees a dress as disloyalty all that reasonable?



  1. I thought you weren’t a “pink” person. (Like me.) 🙂

    The 2nd half of chemo was really rough for me too. Are they giving you Taxotere? Between that and the Neulasta, I felt like total crap and never really recovered before the next treatment. Dehydration did me in, so drink as much water as you can and remember that your port can be used to get IV fluids. 🙂

  2. esmail said

    hey, how about a snapshot of you in your red outfit??

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