Thanks Joe Cocker

You give me fever
In the morning
Fever all through the night

Okay, so I’m gonna get all the joys of chemotherapy it seems. This last week it’s been fever. And fever and being immunesuppressed are not a good combination. I did almost nothing this weekend but sleep and think cool thoughts. But it looks like it was just a cold and it’s gone and we didn’t end up calling the doctor at 11:00 Saturday night when I hit the magic number of 100.5 degrees. (And given that my normal temperature hasn’t been over 98 since this started, maybe I should have gotten excited at a lower temperature, but, well, I didn’t.)

So instead, I’m doing the dry mouth thing now. Fortunately, I have lots of free samples from my dental hygenist (one of those angels on earth) and was feeling guilty about not using them.

My last treatment will be over in seven days. I cannot wait.


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  1. susie vanderGlas said

    Iam glad you are doing well …And at last this is behind you or not so in your FACE it is ;never really behind oh the left over things like your memory and your weight and your skin but what the heck your LIFE is as never before … Enjoy it only comes around once I would love to meet you some time in real life if you ever come to visit Ruth please let me know I am here in Richmond Hill Ga .. Take care and keep on keeping on your life has just begun..
    Love As always Susie v… By the way I will be celebrating my big %yrs in April this year now thats a milestone……..

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