Done. Over. Through. Complete. Fini.

I had my last chemotherapy session today.

I was actually a little excited to have chemo. Okay, so it’s working great, but I get all hang-dog for days after it (and then had all those problems related to the cold after the last one), so it’s not like it’s a fun thing. But today, knowing it was the last, well, it was almost fun.

And, after I’d finished, some of the nurses showered Charlie and me with bubbles and gave me a certificate to celebrate my graduation. It really is the nicest place I never want to have business with again.

I’ll see the oncologist later this week to find out what’s next. (It will be no big surprise. I’ll wait for the genetic testing results and then see the surgeon. That’s really the big “what’s next appointment” and it’s still 2 weeks away.)

But there’s no rest for the chemically imbalanced. I’m off to Cancer Wellfit yet again. But then, that’s another part of why this is going so well, so I won’t whine. Too much. I mean, really, I had chemo today. If I can’t whine, who can?



  1. So how long before you get to eat real food again?
    I believe we are overdue for lunch.

  2. Fran Hunt said

    Congratulations!! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Houston next week.

  3. esmail said

    hey, good going, glad this phase is over.
    see you in texas! (let’s not go quale hunting with the veep 🙂

  4. Hooray!!! I’m SO glad to hear this!

    Dee, Becky and I missed you earlier this month at the state meeting :-(. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of us are going to Houston…but we are talking about another retreat…

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