Good for me, bad for Charlie

No, it’s nothing about Santa hats.

But my chemotherapy cycle has changed the last three times or so. Instead of being turned off by food right after chemo, I still have my prechemo urges (if not as much as an appetite). So this means when Charlie asks what I want for dinner, I tell him things like chili pie and onion shortcake (a new recipe I just got today and haven’t had time to try) instead of turkey sandwiches.

Now, Charlie still has sense and makes turkey sandwiches. And I even eat them. And yogurt. And pears in jello. And banana popsicles.

But ya know, I think we’ll both feel better when I start getting turned off by food. At least I’ll be a little easier to deal with.

So far, so good. Had my last Neulasta today, will see the doctor tomorrow. Charlie’s caught the cold I had last week and it is a miserable cold, chemo or no.

I’m getting lots more sleep recently and think that must have something to do with why I’m doing better. But it’s almost an hour after my normal bedtime, so I’ve got to get to bed soon. Maybe tomorrow I’ll only want white food.


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