Three good choices


I was so looking forward to today’s appointment with the surgeon. We’d be one step closer to getting this over with. But noooo. He saw the genetic testing results we brought and said I had three good choices…a lumpectomy, a mastectomy, or a double mastectomy.

Give me a hint doc. Which is the best?

But he’s not picking one. It’s up to me. So, I’ll see a radiologist to discuss radiation options (maybe I won’t need radiation if I have a mastectomy, but just maybe) in the next few days. And then decide.

Charlie and I have pretty much decided a single mastectomy is out of the question. If we’re afraid enough of reoccurrence, it could happen in either breast. So that leaves either the small or extra large options. And when surgery’s concerned, I think I lean to the small, but we’ll talk to the radiologist.

But, the good news is whichever we pick will be a good choice. At least in my surgeon’s opinion.



  1. Damn it. I really feel for you right now.

    I had the genetic testing because I belong to one of the ethnic groups that has a higher incidence of the BRAC mutations. For me, having two daughters as well as two sisters and three nieces, the potential impact on them weighed far heavier than what would occur to me. For the BRAC2 mutation, my other breast would have been removed. A BRAC1 mutation would have resulted in the removal of my ovaries. Thankfully, my genetic tests were negative.

    All I can say is do what you think is best. Compared to chemo, radiation is a breeze. (Though do remember that it will be every day for at least 5 weeks.)

  2. esmail said

    Hi Laurie, I realize that it must be very difficult, but I know you’ll pick the right option.

    Hopefully talking to the radiologist will leave you with a clearer idea on how to proceed. It’s all steps on the way to wellness.

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