Forbidden Fruits (and Vegetables)

Ah. The good news from last Thursday is that my blood work showed that my immune system was well enough to eat fresh food again. Since Charlie had to miss that appointment, I brought a copy of the results to him and he checked all the numbers out and even he agreed.

So I’ve spent the time since then enjoying salads, fresh salsa at Caliente’s, and fresh, cold, crisp baby carrots (with just a touch of creamy Italian garlic dressing)–tonight’s dinner.

But I’ve learned to appreciate the little things, like baby carrots.

And they haven’t killed me!

(Whenever we’d go out during chemo, I’d kiddingly ask for a salad and Charlie would agree, “Sure, you can have one, but wouldn’t it be embarassing to die from a salad?”)



  1. Evelyn said

    Hooray! That must be such a wonderful feeling, at last! I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to go without fresh fruit and vegetables for an extended period.

    And, isn’t it great that you’re able to eat fresh fruit again before the summer fruit season gets here?

    Take care, Laurie!

  2. Ann Shen said

    Yeah!!! So, I don’t have to yell at you every time you want salad any more. 🙂 I know that you are enjoying it…eat lots!!!

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