Getting rid of cancer

So, we met with the radiation doctor and my oncologist today and have decided to go with a lumpectomy.

Am I really surprised two non-surgeons would suggest nonsurgical approaches? No, but it’s good to know that going with the smaller surgery isn’t crazy. Especially since Dr. Burns, the oncologist, is going to be the one to handle the follow-up after surgery and radiation are done.

We’ve even got an appointment for the surgery. It’ll be 8 days from now, Friday, March 24. I see this as a good omen…it’s the drop deadline for spring semester. I had my lymph node biopsy and port insertion on the drop deadline for fall semester and it went well. When that’s healed “enough,” I’ll go back to the radiologist’s and get initial work/measurements/etc. done. Then 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week and then it’ll all be done.

Except for the monitoring for the rest of my life. And removing my ovaries (my genetic defect causes a much greater risk of ovarian cancer and there’s still no good way to monitor for that).

But I’ll worry about all that later. For now I’ll just be excited/happy/contented to know what the next step will be and when it will happen!


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