It’s never THAT easy


So I figured I’d have surgery this Friday.

But I figured wrong.

Seems when my oncologist’s appointment person called to set up surgery, she just set up a lumpectomy. And lumpectomies can be done in the Surgical Center. And you can go home the same day.

But, since I had cancer in my sentinel lymph nodes, I also need to have some lymph nodes under my arm removed to check to ensure the cancer’s gone from there. This is a much bigger deal. You get drains put in. You have to spend the night.

And you need to be in a different operating room. One that my surgeon doesn’t have access to this Friday.

But he does have access next Monday, so that’s when I’ll have surgery. At least, that’s what I’m thinking now.

Actually, this is just fine. I’m quite glad to hear they’re checking if the cancer is spreading. It gives me one less thing to be paranoid about.

But I had to explain all this to Charlie as he was preparing for his colonoscopy. He always told me I was being a very good patient and he’d be a million times worse. He was right. But it turns out he had nothing major found and the minor thing they found may not be a problem at all (we’ll know after the pathology report, but it’s a question of whether he needs to be retested in 5 or 10 years). And Charlie decided the procedure wasn’t bad at all. The sedatives they give are good.

But I had so much fun going to the Napier Building/Breast Center and not being the patient!

I’ll be doing preop Friday (I think…I let Charlie answer the phone while he was still on sedatives and that’s the message he got). I should know more then.



  1. Evelyn said

    Hi Laurie–

    You’re in my prayers as you go through surgery and recovery.

    PLEASE tell me you’re going to take some time off to recuperate!

    And, since laughter is well-known to be the best medicine, I’m sure that Charlie and “Ike-Get-Down-From-There” will ensure that you recover in record time!

    Peace, one day at a time!

  2. So I will be visiting you in the hospital after all.
    Remember, anything that you or Charlie need, I’m here for you.

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