In Recovery

Laurie’s out of surgery, in the recovery room. I won’t be able to see her until they move her from there to her regular room where she’ll spend the night.

Her surgeon came out to talk to me, and told me that she’s fine and the surgery went well. She’s going to have a bit more pain than for the biopsy, and she’s going to have a drain for more than a week. But I think she’ll handle that well.

We’ll hear from pathology later this week. The results will guide her radiation treatment. It’s possible she won’t have to have it, but Dr. Conforti agreed that it was almost always used.

The next post you read is likely to be from Laurie herself, once she’s in her room.


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  1. Evelyn said

    Bless you, Charlie, for keeping the updates coming!

    Aren’t hospitals FUN? I find it quite difficult to maintain my sense of humor when I get a different story every which way I turn.

    I’ll never forget the night that Cindy had emergency surgery after crashing her arm through a glass coffee table. We were told to “FOLLOW THE SIGNS TO THE 24-HOUR UNIT”. Nobody bothered to mention that the 24-hour unit was the OLD name. The signs (such as they were) said “AMBULATORY SURGERY” Never fear, though…. Pastor Lingle had already seen Cindy and helped her get settled down, by the time we found the proper waiting area!

    Enough about me……. I hope you have a quick, easy recovery, Laurie!


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