Surgery Today

Charlie here. We’re at the hospital, waiting for Laurie to go into the operating room.

It’s been a very slow morning. We got to the Ambulatory Surgery Center at 7:45 and checked in, and were told “you should be down at the other (main) surgery center.” We explained that we’d been told emphatically several times where to check in.

They thought about it, and said that we should go straight to the Breast Center (in the Ambulatory Surgery center). We walked there, and were told we should check in at the front desk first. We said we had, and had been sent forward.

Finally, the main nurse there, Wanda Register, came out, and straightened everything out. She’s fantastic; problems and confusion just melt away when she gets involved. Laurie went back to get a needle inserted to guide the operation.

But that took a long time, because they couldn’t find where the lump had been. Chemo had completely removed it. (What a terrible problem to have!) They finally turned the mammogram machine upside down to get a better angle, found it, and inserted the needle. Laurie says that, for a while, she thought they were going to turn her upside down.

At which point we had to travel a block to the main hospital. They had an orderly drive us over. At the front desk, they told us to walk on up to the pre-op area, where they were a bit shocked that Laurie wasn’t in a wheelchair, or even accompanied by staff.

But since then, everything’s been good. She’s all wired and tubed up (even with pneumatic leg massagers for during surgery to make sure her circulation stays good), and been given Valium. She faded out a bit, but just checked her e-mail to see if there’s anything she had to take care of before surgery! She asked me to post this update so everyone will know what’s going on.

Laurie’s surgeon is doing a complex procedure now, so we will probably have to wait at least an hour longer before she goes in. I’ll update everyone when that happens.

P.S. I just read this to Laurie, and she just wanted me to note for the record that the damn needed hurts. She strongly recommends not having a six inch needed inserted into your breast. Or anywhere else, actually.


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