I married a frat boy

Charlie here. I never would have guessed, but Laurie may be a frat boy at heart. She’s very proud of just how far she was able to vomit at the hospital. She’s telling everybody. It was almost the first thing she told her pastor when he visited her at the hospital.


  1. esmail said

    hello charlie,

    i was commenting to a mutual friend how much of an over-achiever Laurie is, even when she hurls, he has to do it better & farther than anyone else … 🙂

  2. Now, if I may be allowed to defend myself…

    Waking up in recovery almost drowning in your own vomit isn’t pleasant. Nor is laying in bed unable to do anything other than drench yourself from head to toe.

    But they were the most noteworthy points of the first 24 hours of the recovery process.

    So, I could have been all whiny about it, but isn’t it much more fun to go for the distance record?

    Now if I could only find a humorous approach to having my drains stripped to reestablish the vacuum in my incisions. So far, all that’s been is painful. (Even getting a large volume out isn’t good ’cause it means the drains will have to stay in longer. But a small volume means they may be blocked…) But I’ll have another week of drains, so we’ll see if I can find any humor in it.

  3. Hear hear! What’s that old beer commercial slogan, “Go for the Gusto”?

    Hugs, Julia

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