Hair matters

Okay, let’s get this title straight. This is about “hair issues,” not about how much hair matters. Hair really is one of the least concerns I have. Perhaps the least.

I mean, if chemotherapy is going to cause you to lose something, isn’t hair the best choice? Well, second best. Imagine if chemo caused you to lose fat around the hips and thighs. I’d imagine something like when someone in my neighborhood as I was growing up caught chicken pox or measles, where we were all given shots of gammaglobulin and sent over to play with the kid in hopes of getting sick too. (And let me tell you it didn’t work. I did get a mild case of measles as a child, but then got another case as a college senior. Measles are not something college seniors need.)

But chemo causes hair loss, not fat loss, so I haven’t been mobbed by people trying to catch cancer from me.

I was surprised that I never had total hair loss though. I always had enough on my head so that under hats you might even believe I really did have hair. My eyebrows didn’t disappear…a good thing since I was the laughing stock of Cancer Wellfit during the “Look good, feel better” makeup session. (But with big glasses and hats, my eyebrows are barely visible.)

But last week, my hair started coming out in handfuls again (difficult, since there was so little there). And I lost most of my eyebrows and eyelashes. You want to see something strange, imagine eyes with eye lashes at the edges, but not in the middle.

But the good news is that the old stuff is coming out to make room for the new. Apparently my hair is starting to grow in again. Charlie says there’s lots of it and it’s back in the same silly color pattern (a streak of brown down the center back and white everywhere else).

So, maybe I will get past all of this. Of course, I’ll believe it more once the drain is removed Tuesday.


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