Bye bye cancer

So, it’s official. In the tissue taken during Friday’s surgery, there was “No residual tumor.” The cancer is gone.

Thank God.

Even better, in the short run, after my surgeon told us this, he removed the last drain. There’s still some pain and numbness and muscle strain on the left side of my body, but without the port there, it feels so much better already.

And I won’t see another doctor for almost 3 whole days, when I go in to the radilogists to set up 6 weeks of radiation. Which I used to be worried about. But there’s no more cancer, so I can face the radiation a little better.

And I bet I’ll eat those words sometime in the next 6 weeks!



  1. esmail said

    Hurrah!! Laurie, this is the best news! I am so happy for you (and me too). If I wasn’t frantically
    prep’ing for tomorrow’s classes I’d have a celebratory drink for you right now .. but it’ll happen later
    this evening. Whohooo!!

  2. Fran Hunt said

    What great news!! I’m looking forward to seeing the buzz cut hairdo in June.

  3. Evelyn said

    That is FANTASTIC NEWS, Laurie!!!!!

    Have a happy Easter, by the way!

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