Out “Top-tenning” Letterman

Okay, so Letterman had shingles and, of course, had to do a Top Ten Best Things About Having Shingles List. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite find 10 good things about shingles. Now, I don’t blame him. There’s very little good about shingles.

But I’ve actually found a couple of positive things that have come from having shingles. Since there aren’t 10, I figure I can start at 1:

  1. I wasn’t just being lazy after the second surgery.
  2. The pain in my left side doesn’t seem as significant as it did after surgery.
  3. I’ve had a week of radiation and haven’t had a complaint about it yet.
  4. I’ve still only had two sciatica attacks in my life.
  5. Once you have the right diagnosis, it’s much easier to get the right treatment.

Now, just because I felt so much better, it turns out I wasn’t completely well. I taught both my classes today. In less than 10 minutes, I was sweating like a race horse. I got very tired, very fast in both of them. But the pain never returned, even though I skipped pain pills this morning.

Still, there’s just one day of classes left. I’m even caught up on grading in one class.

Thnigs could be a whole lot worse, and believe me, I’ll remember that.


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