Give me an ‘N’, give me an ‘E’

Now really, do you think I have enough energy to do the whole “Neurontin” cheer?

If so, you haven’t had shingles and radiation therapy. Thankfully, the semester was over last week and I got paperwork out for the CCSC:SE conference this morning. So I can continue with life as I’ve gotten used to it. I get up around 6:45, take a Neurontin, and go back to bed to read for a few minutes (I’m rereading Little Women after reading March). I wake up 2 hours later and start my day.

But, the great news is the Neurontin seems to be working. I haven’t had a PHN attack since Sunday night.

Rah! Rah! Rah!

My doctor increased my dosage from 1200 mg to 1800 mg. The initial 1200 mg dosage was prescribed as a prophylactic measure. I used to dislike taking prescription drugs, but I could learn to love prophylactic drugs.

I got lots of anti-nausea drugs prophylactically during chemo. And it really did make more sense to take drugs rather than wait to get nauseous. I was given Neurontin just in case I might get PHN. It takes a week for it to work, so it made sense to start it and see if I needed it, rather than wait ’til I needed it and then have to wait a week for it to help. It did take a while for the increased dosage to stop the attacks and I won’t be devastated if I get another, but the increased dosage does seem to help.

Now, I still got all sorts of strange pains and itching and quirks all over the affected areas, but, eh, I can live with that.

Other than not getting sick, not much is happening. Charlie is getting ready to come home from Poland and should be here within 24 hours.

Ike is getting too durned smart. He was chasing the dog Linus around the den. Linus started circling the sofa there. Ike stopped running, turned around, and crouched to get the dog. Sure enough, the dog ran right into the attack.

I’d love to get a picture of them wrestling. But they’re just a little too fast for my camera. And fights stop with no notice…it’s sweet. Somehow they can communicate to each other that it’s time for the fight to end and it does. You’d think one of them would run away to stop the fight, but it can stop with htem standing next to each other. There’s some sort of strange territorial marking going on. Ike will not get on the bed when we go to bed; I think because Linus has laid claim to it. But if I get up in the middle of the night, Ike will come back to bed with me.

Of course, neither of the animals sticks around when I start screaming. It’ll be good to have Charlie home!


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