Seems I have this blog…


So I haven’t posted much lately. But then again, I haven’t had cancer lately either, so what’s there to post?

I did start creating entries off-line about our last vacation and life in general and such, but we were in Europe and it costs a lot to access the Internet from a cruise ship there (all together now “Ah, poor baby stuck on a cruise ship in Europe’), and so it didn’t get posted. And now, posting stuff backdated over a month ago seems silly.

But, I’ve done silly things before and just might do them again.

Now, the “Blog Comment Spammers” have been out in full force, so if you’re a real person trying to post a comment or a trackback to this blog, it might not get up immediately, since I’m approving postings.

So, they reminded me I have this blog and I am going back into surgery tomorrow, so I figured I’d get an update out before whining about a lousy trip to Capri. (Yes, there can be bad trips to Capri. It was hard, but Vastours found a way to do it…so don’t use Vastours. More later, or earlier if you go by the posting date.)

Surgery tomorrow. Not directly cancer related. But, becuase I had cancer at a young age and my mother did too, I had genetic testing. The testing found I have a greatly increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Breast cancer can be detected fairly easily (and yes, I do have my next mammogram scheduled…do you?) but ovarian cancer is typically detected at the point at which it’s terminal. Terminal sounds bad, so I’m having my ovaries removed tomorrow, which will greatly decrease (but surprisingly will not eliminate) my chances of getting ovarian cancer.

The surgery is being done laparoscopically, so I wasn’t too concerned ’til preop last week, when they told me I’d have general anesthesia. (Now, there’s a good thing to come from having cancer…I can spell “laparoscopic” and “anesthesia.”) I don’t like general anesthesia and it doesn’t like me. But…

All shall be well, and all shall be well,
And all manner of things shall be well.


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  1. Fran Hunt said

    You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck!!

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