A vote for Edwards

So, I’m sitting watching the 60 Minutes interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards. And I’m just amazed at how many people want to tell them how to deal with cancer.

My two cents? This is their cancer. This is their decision. Butt out.


Now, this is easy for me to say. I made pretty much the same decision Elizabeth Edwards made. I stayed at work. And lots of people seemed to think I wouldn’t do that. Both my associate dean and the new president welcomed me back at the beginning of the fall semester. Okay, I did go to Europe over the summer, but that’s not what they were welcoming me back from. They just assumed I’d stopped working when I got cancer.

When I did stop working, over Christmas break, and just sat around and had cancer, it almost drove me crazy. I was so much happier when I was at a conference a year ago and had to argue with the wife of a colleague “No, I’m not kidding; I do have breast cancer. Really.”

But there’s clearly a lot more to Elizabeth Edwards than having cancer. And if she wants to focus on that other stuff, she’s got my vote.


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