Final surgery?

So, since I got cancer at 48, I was genetically tested.

Since I got genetically tested, I found out I had a greatly increased risk of ovarian cancer.

Since I had a a greatly increased risk of ovarian cancer, I had my ovaries removed, lapiroscopically

Since I had lapiroscopic surgery and am so overweight, I had a umbilical hernia.

And I had maybe my last cancer-related surgery on December 27 to sew up the hernia.

And, while I’m happy that the pain related to the hernia will be gone, I am so pissed that I still hurt and am stiff 3 days after the surgery.

So, while the surgery may have made my tummy better, it hasn’t made me any more reasonable. Like that’s a big surprise.


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  1. Ann Shen said

    Thanks for making me laugh! Since you will now be posting “always”, I will check your blog “always” instead of “sometimes”. ;P Happy New Year! Love ya, Ann

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